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Where ever possible Conference approved literature is used to describe the duties and responsibilities for each position
General Service
Has the job of linking his or her group with A.A. as a whole. The G.S.R. represents the voice of the group conscience,  reporting the group's
thoughts to the district committee member and the delegate, who passes them on to the Conference. This communication is a two-way street,
making the G.S.R responsible for bringing back to the group Conference Actions that effect A.A unity, health, and growth. Only when a G.S.R
keeps the group
s informed, and communicates the group conscience, can the Conference truly act for A.A. as a  whole.
District Committee Member
The district committee member (D.C.M.) is an essential link between the G.S.R. and the are delegate to the General Service Conference. As leader
of the district committee, made up of all G.S.R.s in the district, the D.C.M. is exposed to the group conscience of the district. As a member of the
area committee, he or she is able to pass on the district's thinking to the delegate and the committee. (The pamphlet "Your D.C.M.," available from
the General Service Office, provides basic information on this service job.)
D.C.M. Alternate
The alternate is a back-up to the D.C.M. If the D.C.M. resigns or is unable to serve for any reason, the alternate steps in. Usually, the
alternate is elected at the same time the D.C.M., by the same procedure. Alternate committee members should be encouraged to assist,
participate, and share the D.C.M.'s responsibilities at district and area meetings.
District Secretary
District Treasurer